Refprop is a database software used in science research
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Refprop is a database software used in science research.


-Additional pure fluids and updated equations of state and transport equations, including cyclopentane, R-1234yf, and R-1234ze(E).
-The number of binary mixtures with interaction parameters has increased from 303 to 639, including many mixtures of ethylene, propylene, methanol, ethanol, toluene, benzene, cyclohexane, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, dodecane, acetone, and butylene.
-Expanded support for natural gas systems, including the addition of the GERG-2008 mixture model for natural gas fluids, which includes binary interaction parameters for the following fluids: argon, butane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, decane, ethane, helium, heptane, hexane, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, isobutane, isopentane, methane, nitrogen, nonane, octane, oxygen, pentane, propane, and water.
-Convergence along the saturation lines is now better for complex mixtures due to new algorithms for finding phase boundaries and the addition of analytical derivatives in the calculation of the fugacity.
-Calculation of net and gross heating values for natural gas systems.
-Additional pure fluid equations can be loaded in memory that are not included in a selected mixture.
-New plots that show deviations between the GERG-2008 equation and the AGA-8 natural gas mixture models.

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